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(Parents: Here are some learning activities that you can do with your child. You do not have to complete all the activities and you may adapt them to suit your child.)

Hello Swans.

Happy Snow Day! Isn’t it exciting to have some snow! I have some ideas for you to do whilst you are at home. Please stay safe and warm but have lots of fun!

1) Please can you draw me a picture of what it looks like out of your window. You can label your picture, using your sounds to help you with your writing.

2) If you go outside into the snow you can do the following:

• Talk about what the snow looks and feels like
• Talk about how we can stay safe in the snow

3) Science Investigation:

Put some snow on two plates. Put one plate inside your house. Leave the other plate outside.
Talk about:
• What happens?
• What do you see?
• Is there a difference between the two plates?

• What do you think is happening and why?

4) If you have a reading book, please try and read it to an adult.

5) Make a snowman! Decorate him/her as you like. Perhaps give it a name and talk about what kind of person your snowman is.snowday

Enjoy the Snow!
We will look forward to seeing you soon!

Mrs Gregory, Miss Westlake and Mrs Beer

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