Swans & Cygnets

 Welcome to Swans and Cygnets. We are a class of pre-school and reception children taught by Mrs Ireland, Mrs Gregory and Mrs Crawford. We have our own lovely, light classroom and partially covered outside area. A great place to learn.

I hope you are all keeping well during this time. We are all missing having your friendly faces in school to brighten our days. I hope you have been doing lots of good home learning, I have some ideas for you to supplement the boooklet. They can be done outside or inside to make the most of the lovely weather. Keep well and safe, we hope to see you very soon. 


The focus for this week is shape. A great idea in this lovely weather is to collect sticks, leaves and other bits and bobs from around your garden, which 2d shapes can you make? Can you name them and count how many sides and corners they have? 
If you have building blocks try and build a bridge that will hold your favourite teddy, which shapes work best and why? Can you make the structure even stronger? How many bricks have you used and how many would you have if you took away or added one?
Number some pegs with a sharpie, can you order them lowest to highest? What about highest to lowest? If there was a number missing could you spot which one it is?

Phonics and Reading
We have been learning phase 3 sounds at school, I found Phonics Play website very useful and it is now free to use at home whilst schools are shut. They have created a page called Phonics Comics which is split into phases like our reading books at school are and they provide some great reading material when school books are limited. They have games to learn tricky words and the children love it. 
Why not find your favourite book at home and write a sentence about it?
Have you got contact details for any other children in your class? I am sure that they would love to receive a letter from you. 

Understanding the World
Children at this age learn so much through play. Why not have a tea party in your front room or build a pretend fire in your garden with all those sticks? Have fun spending time together and build a tent to camp in!

Stay safe and I hope to see you all soon.


PE Ideas

Please have a go at these PE activities.

25 things to do to keep busy - these ideas may give you further inspiration.