FORT Federation

Executive Headteacher Mrs Penny Hammett

Governing Body

The Fort Federation Governing Body

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  The FORT Federation – GOVERNING BODY  
Name Type of Governor Appointing Body Office Term Committee(s) Registered interests
Emily Meek Foundation Diocese Chair FGB 16.09.2015 – 15.09.2019 Teaching and Learning None
Cate Edmonds Foundation Diocese Vice Chair FGB,
Chair of Admissions
31.08.2015 –
Resources, Admissions Associate Governor Otter Valley Federation (since Sept 15)
Governor, University of St. Mark & St. John (since Sept 2011)
Penny Hammett Executive Headteacher Staff – Executive Headteacher     Teaching and Learning,
Resources, Pay (non-voting), Admissions
Pat Fowler Foundation Diocese Chair of Teaching & Learning 10.02.2016 –
Teaching & Learning None
Joanne Stuart LA Governor Local Authority Chair of Resources 25.11.2015 – 24.11.2019 Resources, Pay None
Nick Bladon Head Teacher Payhembury Staff   31.08.2015 – 30.08.2019 Teaching and Learning None
Tony Treen Foundation Diocese   21.09.2015 –
Resources, Pay None
Lucy Williams Parent Governor Elected by parents   31.08.2015 –
Teaching & Learning, Pay, Admissions None
Samuel Pollard Parent Governor Elected by parents   14.03.2016 –
Teaching & Learning None
Foundation Diocese   16.09.2015 –
Teaching & Learning None
Rick Empson Foundation Diocese   16.09.2015 –
Resources None
Hilary Russell Foundation Diocese   16.09.2015 –
Teaching & Learning None
Jane Lankester Foundation Ex Officio     Teaching & Learning None
Paul Cann Foundation Diocese   21.09.2015 –
Resources, Admissions None
Elaine Anning Co-opted Governing Body   16.09.2015 –
Resources, Admissions None
Pete Morris Co-opted Governing Body   16.09.2015 –
Resources None
Richard Andrews Foundation Diocese Resigned 21.09.2015 –
Previously Resources, Chair of Admissions None
Sarah Woolfries Clerk to Governors N/A        

Governors’ Committees 2016-17

Chair of Governing Body:  Emily Meek                    Vice Chair of Governing Body:  Rev Cate Edmonds

Teaching & Learning Committee (TOR)
Resources Committee
Admissions Committee
Pat Fowler Chair Jo Stuart Chair Rev Cate Edmonds Chair
Penny Hammett Executive Headteacher Penny Hammett Executive Headteacher Penny Hammett Executive Headteacher
Emily Meek   Rick Empson   Paul Cann  
Jane Lankester   Paul Cann   Lucy Williams  
Lucy Williams   Rev. Cate Edmonds   Elaine Anning  
Nick Thwaites   Tony Treen      
Hilary Russell   Elaine Anning      
Sam Pollard
Nick Bladon
  Pete Morris      
Executive Headteacher Appraisal Committee (TOR)
Pay Committee
First (Hearings) Committee (TOR) Second (Appeals) Committee
Jo Stuart   Jo Stuart   Any three to be drawn from eligible members as per TOR.  Any three to be drawn from eligible members  as Per TOR (excluding anyone involved in First Hearing)
Cate Edmonds   Lucy Williams  
Nick Thwaites   Tony Treen  
    Penny Hammett - reports to the committee but does not have a vote Executive Headteacher

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